Wake Forest in Photos

Focus on the Forest

A photoblog by university photographer Ken Bennett

Wake Forest university photographer Ken Bennett is active on campus and in the university community, providing a new perspective into our student body, faculty and staff, events, and the Wake Forest campus community.

A panoramic view of Hearn Plaza and Reynolda Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University. -Ken Bennett

Wake Forest on Exposure (photostories.wfu.edu)

A picture is worth a thousand words, but seeing Wake Forest for yourself is priceless.

Students participating in class in front of Farrell Hall

In the Moment

Wake Forest is a lot of things, but boring will never be one of them. Our community is vibrant, peaceful, challenging, fun and almost always in motion.

The Demon Deacon poses in front of the U.S. Capitol

Mr. Deacon Goes to Washington

Wake Forest just took its relationship with our nation’s capital to the next level.

Wake Forest first year students move into their residence halls on south campus

New Deac Week 2017

They came from across the country – and the globe – to descend upon South Forest in a sea of plastic bins, comforters and and unbridled enthusiasm.